Vulnerable residents

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Vulnerable residents

Many of our residents are vulnerable and will require support during this difficult period. We have put in place a welfare check system whereby we are telephoning our elderly and vulnerable residents routinely to check on them and find out if they need any advice or practical support. If you are concerned about a neighbour please contact us on 0207 265 8343 or email us at

Corona virus looking out for each other

Many vulnerable people continue to isolate and still need essential support. For more information on this click here.

Protect each other from Covid

We must keep on protecting each other by washing our hands, wearing a mask and socially distance.

Covid factsheet for kids

Download our factsheet for your kids to teach and inform them about coronavirus. To download our factsheet, click here.

Essential Hygiene Packs for Residents

As with any virus the best way to protect yourself and others from coronavirus is to practice good hygiene. For more information on this click here.

Other important information

For more information regarding repairs, welfare benefit, social distancing, waste collection, estate cleaning and useful links see April’s newsletter.

Help with energy

For more information regarding help with your energy bills, please click here.

Domestic abuse

For more information regarding where to get help during the Covid-19 pandemic , please click here.

Food in Tower Hamlets

For more information regarding buying food, food banks, and community support, please click here.