Our Team

The Director advises the Management Committee on new projects and ideas. The Director is directly answerable to the Management Committee and all staff is answerable to the Director.

Our Staff Team

The TMC has a Director, a Deputy, Estate Officer, an Estate Support Officer, a Housing Finance Officer, four caretakers, and an Administrator.

The day to day running of the estate office is done by the Director, who is responsible to the management committee. The work of the Co-op’s staff and contractors on the estate are coordinated by the Director in line with the Co-op’s policies and procedures.

Our Management Committee

The Management Committee is responsible for the running of the Co-op. It consists of up to 15 people elected from among the membership and posts are held for a three year term. The elections take place at the Annual General Meeting in September.  

The Management Committee are able to consult with the Co-op’s accountants, solicitors and surveyors when necessary, it is not a paid role. Committee members govern the Co-op and day to day operation remains with the Director. Each year one third of the committee members will stand down and stand for re-election. The Board normally meets monthly, although, sub-committees may meet more often if there are particular urgent matters to deal with. Nomination forms for people wishing to stand for election to the committee will be available before the organisation’s Annual General Meeting.

Our Committee Officers

The Officers of the Co-op are the Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary all elected by the management committee at the first meeting following the AGM. The Chair is responsible for chairing all General Meetings, and management committee meetings. The Management Committee represents the Co-op at meetings with other organisations such as the Council. The Treasurer is responsible for the finances of the Co-op, authorising spending and signing cheques along with other officers, and ensuring the book keeping is kept up to date. The Secretary is responsible for correspondence with other organisations, and for sending returns to the Registrar of Friendly Societies each year.

The Treasurer sets out and monitors the Co-op’s budget, approves and organises spending, and payment of salaries by the Co-op. The ultimate responsibility for good management is with the Co-op members through their election of the management committee and monitoring of its performance by attending meetings.

Abdul Quddus

Equa Quartey

Goulshana Kadir

Vice Chair
Salim Ullah

Assistant Treasurer
Nilson Oliveira

Assistant Secretary
Peter Vittles

Our Committee Members

The Management Committee appoints a sub Committee to pay particular attention to Finance & Human Resources matters. The Management Committee decides on all of the policies of the Co-op and receives reports and recommendations from the subcommittee. This helps the Management Committee to anticipate difficulties and deal with current problems.

Akikur Rahman

Umar Ali 

Kamrun Nehar Shajhan

Serafim Florea

MD Moniruzzaman

Victor Ludlow

Mustafa Muktadir

Sarwar Zaman