Repairs & Maintenance for Tenants

To report a repair:

By phone:
0207 265 8343

By email:

Visit the office:
12 Wickford Street, London, E1 5QN


Your responsibility

You are responsible for maintaining and repairing the interior of your property. You need to arrange for a qualified trades person to carry out any repairs inside your home. In some circumstances we may carry out the work for you, but we will charge you for the repair.

Our Responsibility and Tower Hamlets Homes Responsibility

Bancroft TMC has signed a new Management Modular Agreement with Tower Hamlets Homes. What this means is that Bancroft and Tower Hamlets Homes have defined roles and responsibility

Condensation and mould

Managing condensation and mould

Condensation and mould can be a common problem, especially in older buildings. Condensation is often found as misted up windows or as small pools on window sills.

Condensation occurs mainly during cold weather, whether it is raining or dry.

Mould can grow in any home, on any surface, so if you spot any mould in your home it is important to take early action as it can spread quickly. Mould more commonly forms on north facing walls which don’t get direct heat from the sun.

The only certain cure is to reduce the amount of moisture produced in your home, and to keep it warm and well ventilated. By doing this, you will stop the condensation forming before it becomes a problem.

You can find more information and useful tips on how to manage condensation and mould here.

What we do

  • Plumbing and plumbed fittings
    Including baths, sinks, basins, WC suites, tap and waste fittings.
  • Electrical services
  • Kitchen bathroom and toilet doors and locks
  • Windows and glazing
  • Roofing and aerials
  • Aids and adaptions repairs – excluding stair lifts
  • Overground pipeworks
  • Guttering
  • Communal lights

For repair enquiries from Bancroft TMC: 020 7265 8343

What Tower Hamlets Homes do

  • Lifts
  • All gas functions
  • All boiler functions and heating, hot water
  • Entry door and entry phone (handsets)
  • All underground works, including drains
  • Major works
  • Decent homes
  • Aids and adaptions
  • CCTV
  • Structural repairs

For repair enquiries from Tower Hamlets Homes: 020 7364 5015 or 0800 376 1637

Repairs you are responsible for

  • Keeping your home and any fixtures and fittings provided clean and in good condition and decorative order
  • Repairing or replacing of internal doors and internal door furniture (excluding fire doors and kitchen doors)
  • Clearing of blockages to sinks, baths and basins where blockage is caused by resident
  • Repairing or replacing of draught excluders
  • Repairing of replacing 0f internal glazing (except to make safe in which case you will be recharged)
  • Repairing of replacing of wall tiles (except splash backs)
  • Repairing or replacing of gates, garden paths and fences (except those leading to the property or adjacent to public walkways or play area)
  • Repairing or replacing of faulty external door furniture not fitted by the landlord (expect Yale locks or night latch locks)
  • Renewal of any lock required as a result of lost or damaged keys
  • Repairing or replacing of plugs and chains for sanitary ware

We carry out all repairs for tenants over 60 and for tenants who are disabled (for example, in receipt of Disability Working Allowance, Disability Allowance, Severe Disability Allowance or Incapacity Benefit)

‘How to’ Videos

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