What has BTMC done in the last 5 years

The 5 year ballot

Bancroft Tenant Management Co Operative (BTMC) is a Tenant Management Organisation, we have been managing the estate since 1992 on behalf of the Housing Department within Tower Hamlets Council. Our management agreement with the Council says that every 5 years we must ask all of the secure tenants and leaseholders on the estate whether or not they are happy for us to continue to provide a housing service for the Bancroft Estate.

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What is a TMO?

A TMO is a democratic group of Tenants, Leaseholders and Owner Occupiers who have taken over the running of their properties under the Right to Manage legislation. BTMC employ professional staff to manage the Housing Management functions such as Repairs, Estate Services (Caretaking & Grounds Maintenance), all aspects of Tenancy Management, voids & lettings and low level Anti-Social Behaviour.

What has BTMC done in the last five years?

Improved lighting

We improved lighting on the estate with new lamp posts & flood lights

Renewed signage and road markings

We renewed the estate maps, road markings to make the estate look cleaner and brigher.

Installed new gates

We installed gates to close off alley ways and gallows gates to stop cars entering the estate to reduce ASB. We also painted the wooden gates outside all ground floor flats.

Community gardens for residents

We provide a community garden at a considerably lower charge to our residents.


We have campaigned to retain the CCTV.

Improved communal areas

We upgraded and improved the communal areas in blocks.

Installed new bike shelters

We have installed 6 bike shelters for residents to store bikes as part of our on-going attempts to ensure communal areas are free from obstruction.

Improved Refuse Management

We have improved Refuse Management and new recycling bin housing. We also provided new wheelie bins for street properties.

Moss removal

We did a programme of moss removal work to bring back the colour to our brick walls and deep cleaned the pavements.

Gutter clearance & pigeon control

We carried out a programme of gutter clearance and installed spikes to address pigeon problems.

Day trips for our residents

We secured external funding and subsidise a variety of day trips for our residents.